Enhancing The Role of Governance Professionals

Using 'Binge-governance' and Being the Showrunner of Your Board

How do Netflix series producers manage to get people to watch their content for a long time? And why do governance professionals sometimes have the greatest difficulty in engaging their audience (Board and management) for good information and good documentation?

‘Binge-governance’ concepts offer a refreshing view on the future of governance and the special role that the governance professional plays as the convener and organizer for their Boards.

We teach the professional to organize the regular meeting cycle like a rock-solid television series, where every meeting is an episode for the board. With binge-governance concepts, you can ensure that you have committed board members, proper documentation, and optimal engagement for decision-making and transparency.

As a governance professional you are responsible for managing most of the governance content for your board and coordinating the contributors and the results. During this course, you will discover how to make your role as the governance professional, as well as your governance processes, more efficient when binge-governance concepts are applied. This course helps you to focus on what really matters: creating a committed and active board in managing and supervising and providing different perspectives for their decision-making processes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assembling a governance writing team
  • Running of a writing room
  • Delivery of governance content production
  • Supervision of governance production
  • Supervision of governance post production
  • Personal skills

Who Should Attend:

  • Governance Professionals
  • Individuals who are new to boards
  • Board consultants


Edo de Vette
Founder, New Public Support;
Founder, 24governance

Edo de Vette is a professional speaker, consultant and entirely devoted to corporate governance and especially the new role of the Corporate Secretary. He is the founder of New Public Support and the platform 24governance. His mission is to increase the impact and visibility of governance professionals, worldwide. Edo is the author of “De Steen der Wijzen” a personal search for new insights for good governance, based on his 15 years of experience as a Corporate Secretary of Portaal, a large real estate company in the Netherlands. He is a lecturer at the Governance University in Doorn and Windesheim University in Zwolle. He is fluent in Dutch, English and proficient in German.. 


3/23/2022 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time
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The Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC) was created in 1994, shortly after the Dey Report was published by the TSX on ‘Where Are the Directors’. GPC‘s mandate is to be the voice of governance professionals in Canada. Its members deal with all matters affecting corporate governance, from board and committee processes, management and structure, disclosure, stakeholder engagement, legal and corporate compliance, as well as issues crucial to boards, their accountability and oversight.