Nicolas Occhionero
Director of Sales, Lumi Canada

I have a Sales management and business development background that spans 4 decades. I am a founding member of a great French-Canadian success story and spent 15 years establishing a solid culture and growing sales until the company went public in 2015. I then moved on to a series of family projects for the next 5 years focusing on family experiences taking all of us (4) outside our comfort zones. What a great privilege. Once this portion of the journey ended, I decided to re-engage with the business world and met with the Lumi Global team in Canada. With the support of an experienced group, I have been focusing once again on establishing a rock-solid foundation and culture to allow Lumi Canada to be ready for the upcoming challenges and opportunities in this ever-changing, post Covid world of public issuers and Member associations providing a world class, secure, voting platform technology and services.