Denise Ferreira,
Director, Shareholder Services, Sun Life Financial Inc.

Denise Ferreira is a well-regarded leader with over 20 years of shareholder, securities and governance industry experience. Denise’s current role as Director in the Corporate Secretary’s Department at Sun Life includes managing financial budgets, stakeholder communication and engagement. She is a visionary and an individual who builds the appropriate framework of excellent governance. She also manages and oversees a worldwide relationship and services provided by Sun Life’s transfer agent and registrar in Canada and co-agents in The United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

She communicates with the Board of Directors and Management team on various securities matters. Additionally, ensures non-financial filing   requirements are met with security regulators and stock exchanges. She is known as a subject matter expert keeping abreast with current Corporate Governance practices. She oversees and develops framework for Director compensation processes, stock option exercises, insider trading and related filings.

Denise is responsible for the development and execution of activities related to the Annual and/or Special Meetings of shareholders of Sun Life Financial Inc. and the policyholders of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. Denise advocated and worked early on to adopt Notice-and-Access for delivery of proxy material. She continues to concentrate on fostering better ESG practices and the positive impact it has on the company, shareholders, sustainability and the environment. 

In addition to her broad experience and responsibilities she collaborates with stakeholders proactively and strategically ensures their engagement by applying her relationship skills and governance knowledge. She thrives on finding resolutions to any challenging situation and is a strong advocate committed to ethics, diversity and integrity at Sun Life.

Denise began her career in the service provider spectrum prior to representing a public issuer giving her the advantage of understanding in-depth a wide range of shareholder matters. Denise brings more than two decades of corporate leadership and experience.