About the Award

The EGAs recognize the important contribution that organizations, their Boards and Governance Professionals make in terms of best practices, that build and sustain stakeholder value in Canada.

The submission methodology and criteria has been updated to allow for a more inclusive and open process, so as to encourage more organizations to participate. GPC invites all Canadian organizations from all sectors to take this opportunity to gain recognition for their innovative governance practices and to be celebrated for their accomplishments.

The award categories reflect the current governance environment and the challenges faced by organizations in ensuring they remain sustainable and innovative in a rapidly evolving landscape. The awards also focus on the Board’s and the Governance Professional’s roles in adding value to their organization. 

Award Categories & Criteria

GPC has revamped both the EGA awards criteria and the nomination process to make it much easier and practical to submit a nomination.

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The Judging Process

The Excellence in Governance Awards Judging panel is composed of seasoned and well-respected governance thought leaders from across Canada.

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Past Winners

The First Excellence in Governance Awards Was held August 2013 in Halifax. See who was recognized for their Governance excellence in the past 10 years.

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For EGA inquiries, please contact:

Letricia Fullerton
Manager, Administration, Education & Special Projects
[email protected]

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