Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC), in partnership with Best in Governance Inc. (BIG), has released the Future of Board Committees Report. This comprehensive report delves into the prospective landscape of contemporary governance, focusing on the evolution of board committees, changing boardroom practices, and the influences of emerging trends on governance structures.

In today's dynamic corporate landscape, boards need to proficiently balance their workloads while maintaining a strategic focus. This paper examines the future of modern governance with a view to modern board committees, evolving boardroom practices, and the impacts of emerging trends in governance structures. This report has been developed through in-depth interviews and surveys, leveraging the expertise from over 200 governance professionals, directors, industry academic associations and regulatory and legislative bodies from Canada and around the world.

The report emanates from GPC and BIG’s stated intention to uphold best practices in governance by influencing and promoting leading governance practices and establishing the highest standards in corporate governance in Canada. The paper provides powerful insights that will enable governance professionals and directors to understand modern considerations for developing and evolving and board committees to address the requirements of modern governance. 

The report sheds light on:

  • Evolving Board Committee Structures
  • Committee Composition
  • Optimizing Committee Effectiveness, Performance & Engagement
  • Leveraging Leading & Support Roles
  • Evolution of Existing Committees 
  • Emerging Committees 

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