The Governance Professionals of Canada Education Program (GPC-EP) will be valid for (1) one year from the date of the three modules and the final exam completed and passed.

In order to continue holding the designation, graduates are required to hold a valid Governance Professionals of Canada membership and complete the requisite continuing professional development (CPD) annually.

GPC requires a minimum of 15 continuing professional development hours annually that specifically relate to your career in governance, to maintain the GPC.D designation. The following are what GPC will be accepted as continuing professional development:

    1. Continuing Education/Professional Development: This includes the GPC Annual Conference (15 hrs), GPC Professional Development events, GPC local chapter events, other workshops and professional development events offered outside of GPC relating to governance or to the governance professional.
    2. Instruction/Mentorship: This includes speaking at GPC Annual Conference, GPC Professional Development Events, Chapter events, or speaking/teaching at external Professional Development events/education sessions relating to governance.
    3. Writing/authoring: This can include researching and authoring articles/white papers for GPC newsletter, Resource Section in the GPC Members Area, or for other publications relating to governance.


" So much time and effort has been spent getting directors up to speed in the governance landscape of the 21st century – finally, someone is addressing the person responsible for supporting the board: the governance professional."

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