Maintaining your GPC.D

As a holder of the GPC.D you are required to complete a minimum of 15 ‘Governance Education Credits’ (GECs) annually and to maintain your membership in the GPC in good standing, in order to retain the designation.

The 15 GECs represent a yearly requirement, and will be counted from your effective designation/requalification date.

Governance Education Credits can be achieved as follows:
  • GPC events, conferences, seminars, workshops, formal education programs: 1 GECs per hour of attendance (time allotted for session) of the 15 GECs required

  • Instruction/Facilitation on governance topics (including the preparation of all presented material): Activities include participating as a speaker or facilitator and developing supporting materials - 3 GECs per hour Presenting/Facilitating

  • Session Moderator (the person who acts as a neutral participant in a governance related debate or discussion, holds participants to time limits and tries to keep them from straying off the topic of the questions being raised) - 2 GECs per hour moderating of the 15 GECs required

  • Session panelist – As a participant on a panel discussion relating to governance - 1 GEC per hour Presenting/Facilitating

  • Governance Whitepapers/Research: Activities include publishing research, texts or articles related to governance-related topics - 4 GECs per publication of the 15 GECs required

  • Submitting a Nomination for the GPC Excellence in Governance Awards (EGAs) - the person who completes the submission in depth and is the key individual preparing the nomination - 2 GECs per EGA Nomination submitted.

  • GPC Annual Corporate Governance Conference attendance
    Up to 11 GECs annually

  • GPC or other governance-related Webinars
    1 GEC each

Events from other organizations that offer education related to governance are eligible for GECs, however a certificate of attendance and program description will need to be submitted.

GEC tracking will need to be performed manually for time being, and we provide you with the GPC Course Log spreadsheet to facilitate the process, while we review the best online system solutions to streamline this process in the near future.

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