Governance in the New Decade: The Rise of Boardroom ESG

Governance in the New Decade: The Rise of Boardroom ESG

Preparing Boards to address trends and systemic risks such as Pandemics, Climate Change, Racism and other ESG topics impacting Boards and their organizations.

COVID-19, recognition of institutionalized racism and climate change are rapidly transforming organizations and board room dynamics. Boards and governance professionals need to equip themselves to understand the evolving expectations of boards as society hurtles through the 21st century.

Get up to speed in this one-day deep dive with global thought leaders, experts and practitioners representing the full ecosystem around the board and governance professionals, in Canada and internationally.

This program features a full day of expert panels and discussion designed for executives and professionals of all levels and organizations, and will address the following:

  • What is ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and Climate Governance and how does this relate to the board’s role?
  • What lessons can boards learn from COVID-19 and the calls for racial justice and Indigenous reconciliation, to improve their governance of social and environmental trends and risks going forward?
  • What else is rising to the board agenda? What new issues are boards facing and why? What can we expect in the coming decade?
  • What are the legal, investor and business cases driving boards to adopt best practices in ESG and climate governance and oversight?
  • What should sustainability practitioners, governance professionals and corporate directors know about ESG and Climate Governance?
  • What practices should competent boards have in place to build ESG and Climate Governance in their organizations from the perspective of directors and corporate secretaries?
  • How is the rest of the world responding? What are international developments and perspectives on ESG Governance and the implications for Canadian governance?
  • How are capital markets making use of ESG information and how does it affect investor decision-making?
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The Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC) was created in 1994, shortly after the Dey Report was published by the TSX on ‘Where Are the Directors’. GPC‘s mandate is to be the voice of governance professionals in Canada. Its members deal with all matters affecting corporate governance, from board and committee processes, management and structure, disclosure, stakeholder engagement, legal and corporate compliance, as well as issues crucial to boards, their accountability and oversight.