Board Diversity - Are You an Agent of Change

There is clear evidence that diverse boards enhance all facets of a company’s performance, so as business leaders, it is our duty to all step up today and collectively be Agents of Change in advancing board diversity in Canada.

This panel will provide valuable insights on how can you be an Agent of Change in making board diversity a strategic opportunity for your board-building, and how to make your board diversity mandate ‘best-in-class’.

8 Board Diversity Mandate Questions

  1. What is your definition of diversity? Thought, skills, experience, gender, age, industry and geographic
  2. What does board diversity mean to your company in terms of the commitment and needs?
  3. Term limits and age limits - Pros and cons
  4. Targets for women representation on your board
  5. Where do you look for new board talent?
  6. Do you have an internal diversity champion?
  7. Board performance evaluation, board assessment and succession planning process
  8. How do you ensure diverse board candidates in the board search process?

Moderator: Deborah Rosati, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D, Corporate Director, Founder & CEO, Women Get On Board Inc.

Panelists: George Horhota, B.A., J.D., ICD.D, Co-founder, The Brockton and Director, Community Trust Company; Ekta Mendhi, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy, CIBC and Co-Chair of the Canadian Gender and Good Governance Alliance (CGGGA); Marian Walsh, Chair, Governance and Human Resources Committee, Board of Medavie

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