What is the GPC.EP?

The GPC-EP delivers critical and relevant content for governance professionals in a condensed, rigorous program with key speakers from across Canada.

It is designed for anyone operating in a governance role, whether in public, private, not-for-profit or governmental organizations. Individuals new to these roles as well as seasoned professionals will find benefit in the GPC-EP as it will not only provide them with the latest best practices, skills and tools in governance, but will enhance standard of their profession.

What does the GPC-EP offer?

Upon completion of the program and passing the final examinations, the program attendees will receive the Governance Professionals of Canada Designation: GPC.D.

As holders of the GPC.D designation, graduates of the program will have an unparalleled advantage of having acquired what will set the new and accepted standard in the practice of governance in Canada.

Why should I obtain GPC.D?

As a holder of the GPC.D, you will stand out in your field as a top professional with the most current up-to-date knowledge in the latest best practices. The GPC.D will allow designation holders to be more pro-active in building their career profile and networking. Here a few key points you can take away:

  • Be recognized for good governance practices nationally
  • Invest in professional and personal skill development
  • Network opportunities with industry professionals

How long is the Program?

The GPC-EP delivers critical and relevant content for governance professionals in a condensed, rigorous program consisting of three, (two and a half-day) courses  that are offered twice a year, enabling busy professionals to complete the modules in a schedule that works for them.

Who Can Enroll?

Anyone with an interest or role in governance is encouraged to take the program. Members of Governance Professionals of Canada will have priority seating in the offerings, ensuring their spot in the program.

Are there any requirements to maintain the GPC.D?


  • You must be a member of GPC to obtain the GPC.D. If you are not a member already – it will be included in your initial registration fee and you will be sent a renewal invoice annually.
  • You must complete 15 hours of continuous professional development each year following your attaining of the GPC.D designation. GPC will continue to offer continuing development courses, seminars, as well as the annual conference, which will all count toward the CPD requirement. Courses and training obtained outside of GPC will also be accepted, provided that they are deemed pertinent to the governance profession.

What time commitment should I expect to make as a student in this program?

You should expect to commit between 4-10 hours per module in addition to class time, to review and complete any readings, assignments or case studies that may be required.

How do I earn the GPC.D designation?

You will need to complete all three modules within a 2 year window, as well as an examination process. There is one multiple-choice exam following the completion of each of the three modules of the program, and one final case study once all have been passed. The grade for passing each multiple choice exam is 65%.

When does the next GPC-EP Course?

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What is the cost of this program?

The cost of the GPC-EP program is quite competitive when comparing it to other executive level education programs in Canada.

  • GPC member price: $7,550 + HST
  • Non Member price: $8,250 + HST (includes the cost of ONE YEAR GPC membership and processing fee)

You can register online on the GPC website: Governance Professionals of Canada Education Program (GPC-EP)

Do you have to pay the full cost of the program all at once?

Yes, individuals must pay the entire program cost before the program begins, upon registering.

On a case-by-case basis, we may allow individuals to pay one-half of the program cost, in addition to signing an agreement that he/she intends to complete the entire program, and pay the entire amount by a fixed date.

Please contact education@gpcanada.org if you require any assistance.

What happens if I fail the examinations?

There is one multiple-choice exam following the completion of each of the three modules of the program, and one final case study once all have been passed. The grade for passing each multiple choice exam is 65%. If one of the module examinations is not passed, or there is a fail mark on the final case study, you will have the opportunity to write it again for up to 3 attempts per exam. For each new attempt, you will be charged $125 + HST administration fee.

Does the cost of $7550 + HST include accommodations/meals for each of the three course?

2 meals per day are included (breakfast and lunch on day one and two and breakfast on day 3) – travel and accommodations are not included but a preferred hotel rate will be sourced for the group.

Is there a reduced fee for those members who work for non-profit organizations?

The price point was determined based on the cost of developing and delivering the program. Compared to most similar professional programs, GPC has kept our fees as low as we could as we understand that some of our members and interested organizations have more limited means and so as to be more accessible. We would offer a 10% discount to organizations who would send groups of 3 or more.

Is there an online learning component incorporated to reduce the overall fee?

The only online components will be for resources in support of the program and for the examination. At this point, we are not considering supplementing the program with online learning.

Will Governance Essentials still be offered?

At this point we will not be offering the Essentials Program, but we will continue to offer professional development opportunities that offer deeper dives in some of the topics on the program as well as issue-based seminars in local regions.

When will the exam take place and how do I write it?

There will be a multiple-choice examination after each module. You can choose to complete the exam after each module (recommended) or take all three after your third module. In addition to the three multiple choice examinations, there will also be a case study exam portion at the end of the third module. 

A grade of 65% in each exam portion is required in order to be considered for certification.

All exams will be offered on-line.

Can I take the certification courses in any order?

We recommend taking the courses in sequence, (Foundations, Applied and Strategic) however recognize that due to scheduling that may not always be possible. As long as you complete the pre-read information you should be okay.

Will these courses qualify for CLE/CPD credits?

  • Law Society of Saskatchewan
      • Foundations of Governance, 17.5 hours
      • Applied Governance, 17.5 hours
      • Strategic Governance, 17.5 hours & 3.5 qualify for Ethics
  • Law Society of British Columbia
      • Foundations of Governance, 17.5 hours
      • Applied Governance, 24 hours
      • Strategic Governance, 17 hours
  • The Law Society of Ontario
      • Pending Approval

I am not interested in pursuing the certification, but would still like to
enroll in one the modules as a stand-alone course. Is that possible?

Yes. Each GPC module will be opened to individuals interested only in the CLE/CPD credits. Individuals registering for single modules will not have access to the course examination and will not qualify for the GPC.D certification. Text books that are included in the Governance in Practice designation program are also available to those who are only taking the courses as a stand-alone for an additional fee. Please contact education@gpcanda.org for more details.

What course materials are included with the program?

As a registrant for the certification program you will receive a course binder and text books onsite.

If you are registered for the stand-alone only the course binder will be provided onsite. Text books are available at an additional fee. Please contact education@gpcanada.org for details.

Pre-read materials for all course will be sent 3 weeks prior to the session start date.

What is the cancellation policy?

If canceling the program in its entirety outside of 2 months prior to Module 1 taking place, the program fee will be refunded with a cancellation penalty of $500. If canceling the program within 2 months prior to Module 1 taking place, the program fee will be refunded with a cancellation penalty of $1,000. If cancellation occurs during or after the first module has been started, there will be no further refunds. Companies or individuals may be able to transfer their registration to another individual only if cancellation occurs prior to module 1 only.

"Education abounds in Canada to get directors to a “professional grade”, but until now no one has addressed boards’ key support mechanism – the governance professional."

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